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Leaks? Forget it with Super Seal WaterStop®


Super Seal Waterstop Fitting Instructions and How to Video

Permanently sealing your shower...

  • Make sure that the surfaces of your shower tray, bath or worktop are clean, dry and dust-free.

Apply butyl tape

  • Affix the supplied butyl tape to the edges you wish to seal, just below the horizontal surface of the appliance.
  • Remove the protective backing.

Feed the Super Seal Water Stop

Starting at one end, feed the seal along the straight edge first, affixing the area under the protruding lip to the butyl tape, and ensuring that the lip sits flat to the horizontal surface of the appliance, Any readjustment is very easy – simply peel off and realign as you go.

Feed the Super Seal Water Stop

When you reach the first corner, make a straight cut in the protruding lip – this will allow the lip to lie flat as you form the bend.

Feed the Super Seal Water Stop

  • Overlap the lip at the corner and continue along the next straight edge, ensuring that the bend is generous and the seal not stretched too tightly:  it should fit comfortably into the wall corner or housing.

Feed the Super Seal Water Stop

  • Continue to attach the seal, repeating the corner process where necessary, and when fitted, place the appliance into its final position…Well done!!